What Does Hydrate Hair Imply

As you become older, you discover out hair care routines are somewhat extra difficult than lather, rinse, repeat.

Instantly you are 2 hours deep in Sephora product opinions, however nonetheless do not actually perceive what “Intensive Bond Builder Remedy” is.

This goes for even the extra fundamental of steps in hair care: hydrating and moisturizing hair.

What does hydrate hair imply?

Does that simply imply moisturize?

What does conditioner do then?

After which there’s deep conditioning therapies?

We get it.

And yeah, it sounds difficult…

However, when you perceive the anatomy of your hair, you will not ever get them confused once more.

Let’s get into the which means of hair hydration.

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What Does “Hydrate Hair” Imply?

Hydration is an inside job.

No, actually.

That is the large differentiator between hydration, moisture, and conditioning.

To “hydrate hair” means to penetrate the inner layers of your hair with moisture content material, thus bettering water absorption and retention.

This is what your hair fiber seems like:

Hair Fiber Cross Part

hydrated hair meaning diagram
  1. The Medulla: innermost, deepest layer of hair
  2. The Cortex: center layer, covers the medulla
  3. The Cuticle: outermost, thinnest layer of hair (this layer protects the opposite layers)

Humectants, proteins, amino acids, and nourishing nutritional vitamins are all hydration heroes that penetrate the medulla and cortex.

Most notably: humectants.


Earlier than you go about life considering that is all you got here for, we want you to know:

Hydration and humectants are difficult.

Humectants enable your hair to soak up water from the air and from the merchandise they’re included in.

Sounds superb for hydration, proper?

Properly, when there is a excessive moisture content material (or dew level) within the air, hair is getting method an excessive amount of moisture!

That is why humid days trigger frizz:

Hair is pulling in a ton of water from the air and it is inflicting your hair shaft to swell, frizz, and injury.


If the air is actually dry (has very low humidity), humectants can dispel moisture into the air.

AKA: hi there, dryness.

To fight frizz, you might have heard of anti-humectants.

Anti-humectants stop frizzing by blocking moisture from being pulled in from the air.

So, what about all that hydration we crave?

How can we get that in there, with out getting an excessive amount of?

That is the place moisturizing hair is available in.

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what is the difference between hydration and moisture
Carrying The Medium Halo in col. #2/4

The Distinction Between Hydrating and Moisturizing

As we all know, hydrating the hair means to infuse and enhance the absorption of water and vitamins on the internal most layers of strands.

With a view to delay moisture launch AND block extra moisture from coming in, we have to moisturize!

Moisturizing hair means utilizing emollients, oils, and butters to coat the outer floor of hair fibers.

If the phrase “butter” was any indication, these are heavier brokers that do not seep right down to the cortex of strands.

As an alternative, they seal and lock down the cuticles so undesirable moisture cannot get in and all of your valuable hydration cannot get out.

Merely put:

First you hydrate the internal layers of the hair fibre to hydrate and nourish the hair from inside.

You then seal and lock down the hair shaft with a moisturizer to situation the surface, whereas preserving moisture inside.

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 hydrate hair meaning on blonde girl from behind
Carrying The Medium Halo in col. #613

What About Conditioning?

Hydrating and moisturizing hair is vital.

As we have seen, they seem to be a bundle deal that work extra interdependently than interchangeably.

As for conditioning hair… this aids in lowering friction and softening hair.

Like something that “situations”, conditioner and its lighter, leave-in counterparts assist give the outer layer a softer appear and feel.

Many conditioners are moisturizing, however much less of them are hydrating as they’re often fairly heavy.

Some mega formulation are capable of moisturize and hydrate which supplies an total conditioned look to hair too!

They’re going to comprise delicate humectants for internal moisture plus emollients to seal the surface.

So within the case of conditioning vs. hydrating vs. moisturizing…

Conditioning hair speaks extra to the appear and feel of the hair.

It’s kind of of a catch-all for moisturizing and hydration.


We need to emphasize that aiming to fulfill “hydrating” and “moisturizing” ought to be 2 totally different endeavours.

Consider it like BB cream or a tinted moisturizer:

These moisturize the pores and skin and provide you with some protection.

However, you’d by no means use a BB cream as your supply of pores and skin cream would you?

For those who wished to truly moisturize pores and skin AND cowl blemishes, you’d use a face cream AND THEN a basis.


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