The best way to Defend Hair from Onerous Water

Tons of individuals aren’t conscious they should defend hair from arduous water.

Even saying that out loud;

“Onerous water” nonetheless would not sound utterly actual, proper?


The extra we flip our consideration to the rinse of our routine;

The extra we are able to perceive what our hair is making an attempt to inform us. 

(Possibly even dying to inform us).

Tons of individuals already filter their faucet water with filter jugs like Brita.

And in the event you’re not a type of individuals who neglect the refill, a water filtration jug will get you a greater tasting glass and fewer impurities per sip.

So, why is difficult water dangerous?

Onerous water is a time period used to check with water that is excessive in dissolved minerals comparable to:

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Chlorine
  • Iron
  • Copper

Feels like an incredible mineral-rich elixir, proper? 


Whereas your physique loves a few of these minerals, they are often a lot too arduous for pores and skin and hair; 

Creating scalp build-up, dryness, and hardening throughout the cortex of strands.

Trying an entire lot like dry, brittle, and limp locks which might be further tangled. 

The worst half?

These adjustments to hair’s texture and color may cause lasting hair loss and thinning! 


Past a greater tasting glass of bathe water, filtering the water in your lavatory is one very huge method you may defend hair from arduous water.

And that is not all!

Even and not using a filter, there’s a lot of methods to take away these minerals after they have been deposited.

This is the best way to defend hair from arduous water and the best way to forestall hair loss from arduous water too.

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Onerous Water Hair Hack: Set up a Bathe Filter or Entire-Home Softener

The easiest way we are able to educate the best way to forestall hair loss from arduous water is to stop arduous water!

Whether or not or not you are experiencing arduous water hair signs depends on the place you reside.

It is most frequently brought on by groundwater flowing over or by way of limestone (fairly!)

And whereas there is not any well being danger between you and limestone, arduous water could be annoying for pores and skin, hair, laundry, dishes, and surfaces.

That is why many individuals set up a whole-house water softening system.

It handles all of the filtration the place water is used in your house.

However, as you may think about…

These are precise investments to a house.

I am speaking:

Somebody’s coming to your basement (that you need to most likely personal) carrying legit coveralls to put in this factor.


Do not sweat the millennial housing market!

You’ll be able to nonetheless defend hair from arduous water with smaller softener methods which might be simple af to put in.

Some we love are…

shower filter systems that answer how can i protect my hair from hard water

You’ll be able to store these HERE, HERE, and HERE.

These vary in costs from about $35 and up and often simply require a screw-on.

As water passes by way of, they take away minerals, mud, and odours, creating tender water and tender hair.

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blonde girl showing how to prevent hair loss from hard water


Onerous Water Hair Hack: Chelating Shampoos

Scalp build-up is among the most tell-tale indicators your hair is experiencing arduous water. 

If in case you have dandruff, dry scalp, or basic itchiness, it could possibly be from mineral deposits laying at your root.

Clarifying shampoos are nice for breaking down scalp residue on the outer floor of the hair. 

However, chelating shampoos are even higher at diminishing arduous water hair signs.

Chelating shampoos are a stronger type of these “clarifying” formulation.

They not solely take away the floor stuff, however connect to mineral deposits and break down the bonds between them and your hair.

Take a look at a few of these:

shampoos to help you figure out how to protect hair fall from hard water


You’ll be able to store these HERE, HERE, and HERE.

ColorWow’s Pre-Shampoo Mineral Remover will get a particular shoutout…

It has two distinctive molecular and polymeric filters that work like a magnet to take away heavy metals and minerals. 

All in a straightforward to make use of spray.

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sitting pretty halo hair extension shown from behind on hair with no hard water hair symptoms


Onerous Water Hair Hack: Use a DIY Rinse

In the event you’re on the lookout for the best way to defend hair from arduous water naturally, it is as simple as a rinse:

As a last step, these are nice as a result of they wash away any minerals whereas supplying you with some added advantages.

Rinse 1: Apple Cider Vinegar

The acidity of ACV fights arduous towards calcium by neutralizing the build-up.

As a result of it balances the pH of your hair, you may get clarified, tender, and silky locks.

Simply combine 2 components vinegar to 1 half water!

Rinse 2: Lemon

Like vinegar, the citric acid in lemons are nice at neutralizing arduous water buildup.


It is antiseptic properties combat off some other dandruff inflicting micro organism which may be hanging round.

To make: 

Combine 1 half contemporary lemon juice with 3 components bottled/filtered water.

Pour over hair after you’ve got rinsed out your shampoo, however earlier than you do your conditioner. Go away on for 5-Quarter-hour earlier than you rinse and situation.

Psst! That is extra of a rinse remedy.

Rinse 3: Membership Soda

I really feel like that is what comes out of Rihanna’s bathe head.

Kinda just like the tiniest of events in your scalp:

Membership soda is sugar-free, has a secure pH of 5, and fights frizz!

And naturally, it breaks down mineral residue to cease arduous water hair signs too.

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blonde girl wondering how do you prevent hair loss from hard water


Onerous Water Hair Hack: Use Go away-in Conditioners

In the event you’re somebody who would not have that dangerous of arduous water;

Or that tough of emotions about it.

Then spritzing in a leave-conditioner might do the trick for the best way to defend hair fall from arduous water. 

You may should opt-in a scalp scrub for any build-up, however dryness will certainly like these:

leave-in conditioner to stop hard water hair symptoms

You’ll be able to store these HERE, HERE, and, HERE.

Get leave-ins that supply strengthening or protein-based hydration.

As a result of arduous water makes hair dry and brittle, it wants reparative quenching.


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