Dry Scalp or Dandruff: How To Spot The Distinction

Is it dry scalp or dandruff?

Did I blow out that candle?

How did they afford that residence on FRIENDS?

Maturity’s on a regular basis questions.


All necessary to resolve!

On this article, we’ll assist reply that extra annoying one:

How can I inform if I’ve a dry scalp or dandruff?


Is dry scalp the identical as dandruff?


What are the explanations for each?

If you happen to’re on the lookout for reduction;

(And solutions!)

Learn on to seek out out if these flakes are dry scalp or dandruff.


And for these different 2 questions:

1. You need to go residence.

2. They inherited it.

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braided halo extension hairstyle without dry scalp or dandruff

Sporting The MEDIUM Halo in col. #613/10

The place Dry Scalp and Dandruff Meet

It is not simply you.

Making an attempt to determine if it is dry scalp or dandruff is tough.

That is as a result of:

They act very equally.

Here is the derma-diagram:

table illustrating is dry scalp the same as dandruff

You see?

It actually comes all the way down to how issues look.


Dandruff will trigger massive, oily flakes.

The place with dry scalp signs:

These are extra akin to when you have got dry pores and skin in your physique.


Except you have got a pores and skin situation;

You do not see massive flakes come off the remainder of your physique when your pores and skin’s dry.


This is not a tough and quick rule.

Your scalp may nonetheless be dry regardless of not seeing dry pores and skin wherever else.


Let’s go all the best way, babe.

(To the scalp).

To seek out out the variations between dry scalp versus dandruff.


Most significantly…

The right way to clear up them each.

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Dry Scalp: The 411

Dry scalp signs are typically delicate.


Could make it arduous to establish gentle dandruff versus dryness.

Dry scalp signs appear like this:

  1. Itchiness
  2. Flaking
  3. Slight ache or tightness.

Sound acquainted?

Listed here are some dry scalp causes.

Dry Scalp Trigger 1: Chilly or Dry Climate

Tropical vacay really feel farther than ever?

Your scalp could possibly be pondering the identical.

Dry air can result in a dry scalp.


What’s “dry air”?

It may be arduous to sense.


Consider it like this:

When the air is chilly, it might probably’t maintain as a lot water vapours.

AKA: moisture.

Due to this fact:

That is some parched (h)air.

Dry Scalp Trigger 2: Contact Dermatitis

This sounds critical.

It is not actually.

(Most often).

It is simply your hair leaving a foul assessment in your styling product or shampoo’s elements.

Right here;

Your scalp may reply in 2 methods:

  1. Allergic response
  2. Basic irritation

Different product-based causes?

Everybody’s obsession with…

Astringent shampoos.


Only a fast PSA:

These are often extra dangerous than good.

Dry Scalp Trigger 3: Getting old

What could possibly be extra enjoyable!

Sudden bodily modifications sans knowledge.

You may blame:

Hormonal modifications.

Much less collagen manufacturing.

A necessity for extra protein.

Dry Scalp Trigger 4: Pores and skin Circumstances like Eczema

This is usually a symptom of Contact Dermatitis.


It could actually additionally simply be a persistent situation.

Full with:

Occasional flare ups and triggers.

In fact:

If you happen to’re seeing purple, scaly, and v. irritated pores and skin;

Seek the advice of a medical skilled.

We’re not docs…


5 Dry Scalp Therapies That Work:

Suppose you have received a dry scalp?


You’ve got received:

The simpler one to cope with.

Fortunate for you:

A dry scalp often requires much less medical consideration.

And just a few candy, candy TLC.


Expose these drying merchandise for the haters that they’re.

And break up.


See them much less.


Deal with occasional scalp dryness with these:

  1. Add a humidifier in your bed room
  2. Do a DIY dry scalp masks that hydrates roots
  3. Use a mild moisturizing shampoo 
  4. Keep hydrated
  5. Get extra vitamin B in your weight loss program

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blonde woman wearing the Medium halo hair extension without dry scalp symptoms

Sporting The MEDIUM Halo in col. #613

Dandruff: The Nitty Gritty

If that is solely your first foray into dandruff.

We’re completely happy for you.

I assume.

‘Trigger it is:

So frequent.


So annoying!


We’re on this collectively.


We are able to completely bond over dandruff signs like:

  • Massive, oily flakes
  • Itchiness
  • Crimson and/or painful scalp
  • Oily scalp


Let’s actually see:

Is dry scalp the identical as dandruff?

Dandruff Trigger 1: Overwashing

When your pores and skin’s stripped of its pure hair oils (scalp sebum);

*cough* Astringent shampoos *cough*

It has to work double time.

Which causes:

An overproduction of cells.

Which creates:

A way-too-quick overturn of cell shedding.

Not the overachievement we would like.

And it might probably additionally trigger an overproduction of hair oil.


Little oil flakes falling out of your head…

Dandruff Trigger 2: Washing Too Little

Life’s about stability, babe.

Though, we are saying:

1-2 occasions per week is right;

Totally different life require roughly washing.

If you happen to:

Work out usually.

Are going by means of a warmth wave.


Simply have an oilier pores and skin sort;

You must accommodate to your scalp’s wants!

As a result of:

There’s more likely to be an oil site visitors jam.

Dandruff Trigger 3: Fungus

Which is not even remotely a pleasant phrase.

However, extra particularly;

We’re :


A shocking, manner cooler phrase.


90% of adults have this naturally occurring fungus on their scalp!


It often types itself out.


You might have an overproduction of it.


It is becoming a member of powers with different;

(Extra imply)

Pores and skin situations like Seborrheic Dermatitis.


These two pores and skin situations create extreme dandruff.

And that requires medical consideration.

So, why are they working towards you?

There is not a precise reason behind Seborrheic Dermatitis.

Or a concise motive why Malassezia can act up.


What we do know is…

They’re extra more likely to develop due to that extra oil.

Some causes of oily hair could possibly be:

A change in hormones.

Rare washing.

Household historical past.

And so on.

Dandruff Trigger 4: Compounded Components

These aren’t sole causes for dandruff.

As a substitute;

They seem to be a thriller bag of what could possibly be making issues worse.

Remember to monitor:

  1. Weight loss plan: scale back refined sugars and carbs
  2. Temper: discover methods to stress much less
  3. Air high quality: strive an air air purifier at residence

3 Dandruff Therapies To Use At Dwelling:

Relating to dry scalp versus dandruff:

Dandruff is usually a little extra…


It may be impolite.


Everybody’s therapy seems to be totally different.

As a result of dandruff can vary in severity:

From delicate and lowkey.

To extreme and all-consuming.

For infrequent bouts;

And should you do not suspect it is a fungal an infection.

Add these to your therapy plan:

  1. Use a mild(r) shampoo to your hair: your present ‘poo could also be too moisturizing.
  2. Drop in tea tree or peppermint in a selfmade scalp therapy: these are each highly effective anti-fungal oils.
  3. Do not depend on dandruff shampoos! They’re nice for superficial dandruff, however your scalp can turn into depending on it.

In any other case;

All the time see a physician to decipher your dry scalp versus dandruff.

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